Why would anybody want to come to a place that some call the Edge of the Earth? There are hundreds of reasons, but if we could boil it down to just one, it might be this: you might never find another place that makes you feel at the same time lost and found. It’s the place where things just happen. Where the unexpected is the norm, just slightly off-kilter with the rest of the world. And where the people and the beauty of this land stay with you long after you’re gone.

There’s enough coastline wrapped around this place to stretch its way back and forth across North America four times over (29,000 kilometres to be exact). Sprinkled with guts, inlets, coves, and bays with historic towns and fishing villages, complete with spectacular views.

Travel back to the 16th century, when Basque whalers processed blubber that lit the lamps of Europe. Or go back 9,000 years to the days of the Maritime Archaic and Beothuck Indians. Or visit L’Anse aux Meadows, a UNESCO world heritage site where Eric the Red and the Vikings dropped by in 998 AD.

Wildlife and Nature
Ten thousand humpbacks pass by our shores every year, chasing ten thousand year old icebergs. More than 35 million seabirds fight for your attention at some of the world’s largest and most accessible seabird colonies in North America.

Stretch out in one of the world’s last great frontiers – Labrador, or ‘The Big Land.’ It’s more than 300,000 square kilometres of pristine wilderness, including the Torngat Mountains National Park and the abandoned Moravian settlement at Hebron.

Renowned for our poetry, humour, song, and creativity. Our hospitality, quick wit, and charm. We’re the first to show you a good time, in a place where you’ll see the first sunrise in North America. And the last to send you home at night.

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