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Issue 15.0 - 14 November, 2007

Are you getting your skis out? Dusting off your snowboard? Looking forward to the slopes? It looks like it is going to be a good winter for snow sports. But if you’re not usually very keen on going up the mountain then don’t stop reading yet. We have lots of ideas and things for you to do this winter.

January and February is Winterfest time. Across Canada there are winter carnivals, the Quebec Winter Carnival (Carnaval de Québec) being the biggest starting January 26 – February 11 in Quebec City. There is also 14 days of WinterCity in Toronto from January 26. The weekends from February 2 to 18 in Ottawa is the time to enjoy Winterlude and Calgary celebrates Winterfest 2007 from February 9 to 19.

This issue we kick off our Winter Planner Special with our exclusive guide to winter in Canada. We also take a closer look at the upcoming Calgary Winterfest and Darren Susin takes us snow-shoeing in BC's Garibaldi Provincial Park.

In this issue:

Winter at it’s Best - A Great Canadian Experience

Chill Out At The Calgary Winterfest

Snow-shoeing in Garibaldi Provincial Park


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Winter at it’s Best - A Great Canadian Experience

By Allison Gagnon, Trail Canada

Big fluffy flakes fall from the sky like magic and blanket the frozen ground. Each fallen crystal is tailored carefully by Mother Nature so no two are alike. Just like the uniqueness of a snowflake, every city, town and village across our wide, vast nation has a characteristic and different way to celebrate our winter wonderland. Through our longest and darkest seasons, Canada from coast to coast shines bright as glistening, white snow dusts the cities, covers the mountains and frosts everything in between.

Whether it’s the grand winter festivals in the east or the dramatic, towering landscape of the west, Canada’s seasonal playground is boundless. Turn up the heat and pile on the layers, we’re taking a scenic ride from coast to coast, through snow-covered forests, over frozen glaciers and across shimmering fresh snow fields. It will then be up to you to decide - which place does winter best?

We start our winter wonderland journey in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland’s second largest city. Nestled within the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and along the scenic Humber Valley, Marble Mountain operates the only high-speed detachable quad lift in the Atlantic provinces. Facilitated with an Olympic sized half pipe, a well maintained snowboard park and 50 km of cross country networked trails, Marble Mountain offers something for everyone.

Winter creates a truly spectacular sight at Montmorency Falls, located only 11 km North East of Quebec City. Standing 30m (98 ft) taller than Niagara Falls, Montmorency Falls rises ...

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Chill Out At The Calgary Winterfest

By Arlie MacGregor, Trail Canada

Instead of cocooning indoors, come celebrate the very best that winter has to offer at the Calgary Winterfest. Running from February 9 - 19, 2007, there are events and activities for everyone. You'll never look at winter the same way again!

Winterfest Kick-off Party:
Olympic Plaza is where all the fun starts with an outdoor concert and skating party. Weather permitting, live bands will have you tapping your toes while you twirl on ice under the stars. If needed, free skates and helmets are available from the Kidsport Skate Shack.

Multicultural Celebration:
The Village Square Leisure Centre plays host to this colourful event. Spend the day immersed in rich, diverse ethnicity. Musicians, singers and dancers from two dozen groups will mentally whisk you away to ...

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Snowed in and icicles in Nova Scotia

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Snow-shoeing in Garibaldi Provincial Park

By Darren Susin, Trail Canada

For people who love the outdoors, Garibaldi Provincial Park is a near-perfect destination. During summer, it is home to a myriad of amazing hikes, most notably the trek to Black Tusk and Elfin Lakes. In the winter, the park is home to some of the best snow-shoeing trails in Southern British Columbia. Whether it is just a trip to Taylor Meadows for fantastic views of the snow covered Tusk or an overnight into the Elfin lakes shelter, with over 90 kilometres of trails, there is something for everyone in this amazing 195,000 hectare park

One thing to strongly keep in mind for all these trails is to check road conditions before heading out. Large amounts of snowfall in a short time can make regularly good roads completely impassable, so be sure to do your ...

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