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Issue 18.0 - 9 January, 2007

Well, 2007 is here and now the holiday season is over we are ready to kick off the new year with a new issue. In this newsletter we have a comprehensive review of many of the ice festivals going on now and the next few months along with a look back to olden times with Canada’s historic villages.

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Ice Ice Crazy

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Living in the Past - Historic Villages


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Ice Ice Crazy

By Allison Gagnon, Trail Canada

Where do you have to go to see crystallized swans, Vikings, dragons, a giant elephant, and even King Kong grasping an airplane all in one day? If you guessed the movies, the zoo or an amusement park - you’re not even close.
Welcome to Canada, land of the free and land of the cold, which means anything in your wildest imagination is possible. In a country where ice and snow play a huge part in our heritage and identity, we in return, learn from a young age how to play with the ice and snow that blankets our backyards for almost half the year. The season that turns our reality into a winter wonderland reminds us the importance of playfulness and creativity.

Once the snow has fallen and the air has become crisp, hundreds of talented people meet all over the country and invent a world unlike no other.
Professional at playing with snow and ice, they leave us in a realm in between worlds surrounded by impressive ice masterpieces. Ice festivals, carnivals and competitions amaze spectators by these fantastical creations that...

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Snow sculpture

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Living in the Past - Historic Villages

By Susan Huebert, Trail Canada

What would it be like to catch a glimpse of Canadian history through the eyes of the people who lived it? The time when people baked bread in stone ovens or when the telegraph was the main means of communication may seem very remote to most modern Canadians, but for those who like to explore the past, the historic villages scattered across Canada give an idea of the long and varied history of this country. The displays, costumed staff, period buildings, and artefacts bring past eras to life by recreating a lifestyle now long gone.

The earliest European settlements in North America often joined trading and daily living with military might in the same community. In the struggle for the land and wealth of the new world, control of key sites was essential for colonizers. The Fortress of Louisbourg, for example, was integral to the struggle between the French and English as they tried to gain control of what eventually became Canada. Located at the tip of Cape Breton Island, the fortress was a gateway to the St. Lawrence River, where the cod fishing trade and access to the Atlantic Ocean met with coal mines and other land-based businesses. Fortress Louisbourg, the largest...

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