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Issue 21.0 - 30 April, 2007

It doesn’t matter what the groundhog said back in February. Spring is here and there is no denying it. The warmth of the morning sun brings longer days. Streets are lined with pink blossom. The waters are calm, temperatures are rising and people are beginning to arrive in ever increasing numbers to destinations across Canada.

With the snow retreating higher up into the mountains this time of year is a wonderful combination of the best bits of winter and the summer ahead. Enjoy the ski slopes in the warm sun and in the afternoon relax on a beach by the water.

With the changing seasons bring some great offers on hotels and vacations all over Canada. (Check out our Quick Links or our website for Special Savings on Hotels this Spring).

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Niagara-on-the-Lake: Springing to Life

Kelowna - Winsome and Warm

Ottawa on Two Wheels


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Niagara-on-the-Lake: Springing to Life

By Dave Brown, Trail Canada

Niagara-on-the-Lake is considered by many to be a summer-time "post card community" nestled in the corner of the Niagara peninsula. The quaint charm and nostalgia that visitors have observed and enjoyed is available all year round; and by visiting in the spring, one can also avoid some of the street congestion associated with the hectic summer tourist season.

The Shaw Festival with its three theatres, begins showing live performances in April, and increases its offerings substantially by the end of May. Theatre fans can choose from a number of plays to suit various tastes, and on most days there is at least one matinee and one evening performance. This year, delaying a visit until June, may also have a broader appeal.

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Kelowna - Winsome and Warm

By Tourism Kelowna

Step off the plane in Kelowna in the springtime, and your face is immediately caressed with the soft Chinook breeze and the smells of wood and peaches in the air. Peaches in April? Don’t ask me why – the fruit industry is so fully embraced in this area that the aromas of tree-fruit linger on the breeze year-round, and are enhanced with the spring melt.

A drive into town along the back-roads will take you through rolling orchards budding into life. Depending on your timing, you may see the trees laden with pink and white blossoms. The Okanagan sun beams with a vengeance in the spring, and the way those blossoms reflect the sunlight is enough to stir any heart.

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Lighthouse at North Rustico, Prince Edward Island

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Ottawa on Two Wheels

By Susan Huebert, Trail Canada

What is the best way to see Ottawa—on a tour bus, in a car, or perhaps in a slightly less traditional way? Visitors to Canada’s capital city may want to consider a combination of methods, but one way to see the sights in a unique way is to tour Ottawa by bicycle. Whether on an organized tour or on individual excursions, travelling by bicycle can be a good option for anyone interested in seeing the sights slowly, from the ground level.

Cycling in any city requires thoughtful preparation and a willingness to be flexible. Except for expert cyclists, travelling by bicycle tends to be quite slow, and a large number of hills or bumpy patches can challenge even the best riders. While Ottawa’s terrain is scarcely mountainous, visitors should still be prepared for some tough rides at times, but a small amount of training beforehand may help to ease the pain. Most cyclists will need a minimum of special equipment; a good bicycle, a helmet, a bicycle lock, a small backpack or carrier for maps and snacks, and a jacket in case of rain will be enough for most day trips. Bicycle rental shops are good places to get any equipment cyclists have not brought with them, and parents with young children or riders with pets may also want to see if trailers are available. Shopping around is a good idea since some rental shops can be quite expensive, but a good deal on a bicycle rental can make a day’s excursion quite affordable.

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