Trail Canada Newsletter
Issue 22.0 - 20 June, 2007

Canada's vast and magnificent scenery stretches as far south as the latitude of Rome and all the way up to the North Pole. In this issue we discover the different Hot Springs in Alberta and British Columbia and the variety they offer. We also head north to witness the Northern Lights and explore the culture and happenings of Canada's territories. Finally, we tour the natural wonders of New Brunswick from the highest tides in the world to one of the strangest hills.

In this issue:

Hot Springs - rustic to extravagant

Northern Exploration

Natural Wonders of New Brunswick


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Hot Springs - rustic to extravagant

By Jan Westell, Trail Canada

Hot Springs are a natural luxury found in just a few places around the world. In Western Canada many hot springs are completely free to enjoy and remain as they were originally created. Other hot springs have been adapted to heat specially designed pools and are part of a more luxurious resort complex.

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Northern Exploration

By Susan Huebert, Trail Canada

Night after night, brilliant pink and green aurora borealis light up the sky as ptarmigan rustle through the underbrush. In the distance one night, you see a large shape that must be a polar bear. As you enter a nearby building constructed on stilts, you hear the guttural croak of a raven in the woods while two women in embroidered parkas hold a conversation in Inuktitut. Your visit to Canada’s north has begun, but will you really have an experience like this one?

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Setting sail by Nelson Island, Sunshine Coast, BC

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Natural Wonders of New Brunswick

By Brigitte Mah, Trail Canada

The season to be outdoors is upon us and New Brunswick is an excellent province to explore the marvels of nature. It is a land of natural enigmas, and the Bay of Fundy, located in the southern part of the province, sets the stage and the tone, with its ability to boast the highest tides in the world. Twice a day, over ten billion tonnes of water swirl and churn into the bay, eroding away the land and creating a vibrant home for thousands of marine plants and animals. With tides rising as high as forty-five feet, and falling as low as two feet, all in the span of twenty-four hours, it is no wonder that thousands of people visit the Bay of Fundy each year.

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