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Canada's vast and magnificent scenery stretches as far south as the latitude of Rome and all the way up to the North Pole. In this issue we discover the different Hot Springs in Alberta and British Columbia and the variety they offer. We also head north to witness the Northern Lights and explore the culture and happenings of Canada's territories. Finally, we tour the natural wonders of New Brunswick from the highest tides in the world to one of the strangest hills.

Issue 23 : October 2007

Our Articles and Stories

» Lobster Season: The Race for Taste

By Wendy Bradley Reynolds, Trail Canada
November sees the start of Lobster Season. Find out what happens on "Dumping Day" and how to make your own delicious lobster chowder. Read the article and recipe » »

» A Walk on BC's Wild Side

by Sue Kernaghan
Every year, the villagers of Tofino and Ucluelet, on Vancouver Island's west coast, enjoy front row seats for one of the world's great animal migrations. In spring, more than 20,000 grey whales cruise by on their way from their winter calving lagoons in Mexico to their summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea. En route, they pass so close to Vancouver Island they can be spotted from shore with binoculars. Most people, though, prefer to join a whale watching tour to get a closer look at these magnificent animals. Continue reading » »

Top Picks of the Month

When visiting Canada:

When visiting Canada what you pack should be considered carefully. Canada's climate varies greatly from region to region.Check out our climate and weather information page for details.

Destination Spotlight

What's in our guide to Brandon :

Brandon, Manitoba

After 125 Years: more than a train station

People enjoy birthday parties for the cake, the birthday hats, and the joy as family and friends celebrate a year gone by and the anticipation of another yet to come. Similarly, when towns and cities celebrate their birthdays, the people remember their home's founding members and history as they acknowledge growth and change.

As Brandon, Manitoba celebrates its 125th birthday this year, there will be a wide range of activities for everyone as residents and guests reflect on the city's past and look towards the future.

Brandon's history, like that of many other Canadian cities, is tied to trade and the railway. The late 1800s were times of economic expansion, when the newly-established Canadian Pacific Railway system was opening the west up to new opportunities. Settlements west of Winnipeg needed a central location for the railway's divisional point, and after some debate, the city's current site was chosen.

Continue reading article » »

Visit the Brandon destination guide » »

From the Editors Desk

We've had a busy summer!

With all the sunshine we decided to stay indoors and redesign Trail Canada! The new website is designed to be easier to navigate and switch between related sections.

Trail Canada has more than just a fresh new look... we have more than 200 new destination guides, more photos, better maps and much more to enjoy.

One of my favourite bits is the add a photo feature. Now you can submit your photos of Canada. We’ve already had hundreds of submissions so give it a try.

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Did you know...

  • Canada has 31,754 recorded lakes. 11,545 are in the 3 territories in the North. Quebec has the most lakes out of all the provinces with 8,275.
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