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What a month February has been! One extra day didn't help a bit with all the things that have been going on and we have some fantastic news to announce about Trail Canada's recent award and we take a look at RVing - the best way to get out and explore Canada on the open road.

Issue 27 : February 2008

Our Articles and Stories

» Trail Canada scoops a prestigous award

Peragro Media, Trail Canada's parent company, was awarded the British Columbia Small Business Award this month. Continue reading » »

» Europeans love Canada's rugged wilderness, especially from the comfort of a rental RV

By Jan Westell

Backcountry camping, cooking over an open fire, enjoying spectacular vistas, and potentially viewing wildlife unique to this country. That is the kind of natural appeal that many Europeans are seeking, when they visit Canada. Continue reading » »

Top Picks of the Month

When visiting Canada:

to study make sure you check out our guide to studying and how to get a study permit. You need one before you leave your home country. Studying in Canada Guide

Destination Spotlight

What's in our guide to Chilliwack :

Chilliwack, British Columbia

Gold to Riverboat Tours

How many people would plan a trip to see a place too small and unimportant to be mentioned in most travel books? It seems like an unlikely choice, but small cities can have a surprising number of tourist sights and be as diverse and vibrant as many larger centres. Chilliwack, British Columbia, is a good example. With festivals, natural areas, and much more, Chilliwack is a city well worth visiting.

If the early settlers could see the city now, they would be amazed at the changes that have occurred in the past century and a half. Chilliwack lies one hundred kilometres east of Vancouver between the American border and the Fraser River. Like many Canadian towns and cities, the area had a long Aboriginal history before Europeans settled there in connection with the fur trade and the gold rush. In 1873, settlers established the Township of Chilliwack and later a community called Centreville, which was renamed in 1887 to match the township. Almost a century later, in 1980, the township and city merged to become the new city of Chilliwack. The growing city, now at a population of 76,000, offers historical tours, cycling and mountain climbing opportunities, concerts, and much more. Chilliwack may not be the most popular tourist destination, but it has a great deal to offer for a long or short visit.

Continue reading article » »

Visit the Chilliwack destination guide » »

From the Editors Desk

Peragro Media would like to thank the following people and organizations for making our business award win possible:

- The Judges who reviewed our business strategy
- Small Business BC for organizing the event
- Vancity for being a great bank, getting the process started and believing in us
- Lawson and Co, our team of accounting and business advising geniuses
- MOSAIC BC for their support, advice and expertise

We'd also like to thank all the people who contribute to Trail Canada on a regular basis to ensure we are always growing, accurate, informative and free to use especially our partners and the tourism bureaus across Canada:
Trail Canada Partners

Thank you!


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