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You've probably been hearing the buzz about ecotourism and green travel at the moment. Keep your eyes peeled for developments on Trail Canada that are green coloured. Another hot topic is women-only travel: Chick Trips. In this issue, Kate Zimmerman turns the ladies loose and discovers what Canada has going on in the women's department.

The Bay of Fundy is a natural spectacle with the highest tides in the world. The whole area offers remarkable sights and adventures for all ages and abilities throughout the year. We take a look at life in the Bay of Fundy.

Issue 29 : April 2008

Our Articles and Stories

» 1st it was chick lit, now itís chick trips

By Kate Zimmerman

Whatís the difference between a chick trip and a coed jaunt? One lip gloss.

If there are two ladies and two gents on a trip, women feel compelled to take along their lip gloss and men shoulder the toughest physical jobs, says Toronto, ONís Evelyn Hannon. Hannon is host of, a website for women travellers that includes classifieds for all-female tours. But when women travel together without men, Hannon says, they donít worry about things like hat head. They focus on the experience while embracing its challenges. Hence, the ďchick trip.Ē Continue reading » »

» Life in the Bay of Fundy

By Susan Huebert, Trail Canada

Tides are the cycle of life in oceans, seas, and bays around the world. They bring birds, whales, fish, and minute sea creatures to areas that could otherwise stagnate. With the tides come vitality and diversity in a phenomenon that continues to amaze young and old, and the Bay of Fundy is perhaps the most spectacular example of the teeming marine life and human activities the tides bring, where the power of the Atlantic Ocean and the delicacy of the smallest sea creatures meet. For local residents and tourists alike, the bay is a place to experience the natural wonders of whales and birds together with the culture that makes the eastern provinces special. Continue reading » »

Top Picks of the Month

When visiting Canada:

aim to focus your travels on local culture. Try to eat local produce, shop at stores offering local wares and find out what makes the destination you're visiting unique. Canada is a western country but draws influence from around the world with its multi-ethnic community. Big cities offer interesting neighbourhoods to explore and the smaller towns allow you to explore the natural surrounding.

Destination Spotlight
St Catharines

What's in our guide to St Catharines :

St Catharines, Ontario

The feeling of summer is in the air in St. Catharines and the Niagara Region.

Enjoy our Festivals and Events throughout the summer months. Discover the city of St Catharines and the Niagara Region of southern Ontario.

On the shores of Lake Ontario, lies St. Catharines, a large town where history has been made. St. Catharines is home to the Welland Canal, built in the 1820s, where visitors can still watch boats going through the locks. Interpretive centres and museums tell the story of the townís establishment, growth, and importance in Canadian history with the Niagara Heritage Collection and other displays.

Every year, the people of St. Catharines celebrate their culture, from music, theatre, and dance to wine-making. A trip along the Niagara Wine Route or a walk between the vineyards can be a remarkable experience, while joining in celebrations of the art of needlework gives an insight into the lives of St. Catharines residents. Seasonal displays around the city enhance warm and festive feelings while lighting up the streets.

For visitors coming back after a busy day of sightseeing, restaurants and bistros provide a needed break. St. Catharines has a good assortment of eating establishments, as well as unique places to shop for daily necessities or special souvenirs. Whether for its history, culture, or modern conveniences, St. Catharines has something for everyone.

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Visit the St Catharines destination guide » »

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  • The oldest newspaper in Canada began publication in 1752 as the Halifax Gazette. The first issue is dated March 23rd, 1752.
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