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Summer is right around the corner and in many parts of Canada it is safe to say summer has already arrived.

If you are getting ready for your summer vacation or planning a getaway or two, take a look at our Vacation Inspirations

In this issue we visit the historic Signal Hill in the Atlantic port city of St. John's, Newfoundland.

We also have some great advice for parents travelling in Canada with 'wee ones'. Lesley Cherry, from the travel service company Wee Travel gives us an insight into what you need to know and questions you should ask when you take young children on vacation.

Issue 30 : May 2008

Our Articles and Stories

» Signal Hill: The View From the Edge

By Susan Huebert, Trail Canada

Imagine standing at the top of a hill at the eastern edge of Canada. On one side is a city on an island, and beyond that are vast distances of prairies, mountains, cities, and towns. On the other side is a seemingly endless expanse of water, cold and blue. Signal Hill stands near the eastern edge of Newfoundland, overlooking St. John’s on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, making it ideal as a meeting ground of political, economic, and scientific interests, and in modern times, as a tourist site. Continue reading » »

» Travelling with Wee Ones? Renting Gear is the Way to Go

By Lesley Cherry, Wee Travel

Worry free travel for those travelling with babies and small children. Lose the stress and make your vacation simpler by relying on local support to provide those hard to transport items. Continue reading » »

Top Picks of the Month

When visiting Canada:

consider travelling by bus. The open road offers a great way to see the in-between places and provides a stress-free way of getting from A to B.
Visit our bus travel section for advice on long distance bus travel and also transit tips: Travel Canada by Bus

Destination Spotlight
Trois Rivières

What's in our guide to Trois Rivières :

Trois Rivières, Quebec

The must-see stopover between Montreal and Quebec city

The second city founded by the French in North America, Trois-Rivières is just as notable for its contemporary style as for its historic soul, hence its elegant charm.

A city with many hidden corners, Trois-Rivières unpretentiously displays the venerable charm and cozy intimacy of its classified historic district, sophisticated restaurants, audacious museums, stylish BandBs, numerous art galleries and many festivals. Trois-Rivières is also a window onto the St. Lawrence, which fits in naturally with its urban landscape, and adds character to the effervescence of the downtown pedestrian zone.

Continue reading article » »

Visit the Trois Rivières destination guide » »

From the Editors Desk

Next month we kick off the summer with a new feature for Trail Canada - Green Travel. Stay tuned to find out when this goes live.

If your a Green Travel Company, send us an email. This is a great opportunity for us to hear from you and see which Canadian companies are making a difference.

Also, this issue is our 30th. If you want to read our past issues you can do so in the archives:
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See you on Trail Canada,


Did you know...

  • The oldest program in Canadian broadcasting history is Hockey Night In Canada. It first was on the radio in 1931, and in the Fall of 1952 the first TV hockey game was broadcast nationally on CBC. It is still being produced weekly in both English and French by the CBC.
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