How to get to the Northwest Territories

Air service to the Northwest Territories is fast and frequent, with easy connections from major cities in North America. Many travellers prefer to drive north, enjoying the scenic highways that link the NWT to the rest of Canada.

Scheduled bus service also connects you to the Northwest Territories from the province of Alberta.


You can reach the Northwest Territories from any major city in North America by flying to Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta, and connecting with frequent scheduled flights to Yellowknife and Inuvik. There's also scheduled service to the NWT from Fort McMurray AB, Whitehorse YT, Winnipeg MB and from Ottawa ON, via the Nunavut capital, Iqaluit.


Thinking of driving to the Northwest Territories? Even though it's likely to be a long trip, many North American travellers enjoy the challenge and sense of discovery. There are three different ways to get here by road:

The Mackenzie Highway from Edmonton, Alberta (1508 km south of Yellowknife) takes you into the southern NWT.

Drive the Alaska Highway from Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson, British Columbia, then turn north on the Liard Highway into the NWT.
Or you can get here via Canada's one and only road to the Arctic, the Dempster Highway, which runs 777 km from Dawson City, Yukon to Inuvik, NWT.


If you want to see our roadside attractions and take it easy too, travelling to the NWT by bus is a great idea. You can choose scheduled bus service linking Edmonton Alberta to NWT communities along the Mackenzie Highway or you can also select scheduled service on the Dempster Highway from the Yukon to Inuvik.

Several companies offer bus tours of a week or more that show you the sights along our NWT highways. They're available from gateway cities in the western provinces.

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