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Nova Scotia is almost entirely surrounded by the ocean. Its maritime relationship is evident in every corner of the province and is available for the enjoyment of everyone from the cities to the tiny fishing villages. The 7,600km of seacoast means you are never more than 2 hours from the ocean. The province is home to the world’s highest tides and over 100 beautiful sandy beaches.

The ocean offers up a delicious menu of treats for Nova Scotians and visitors. Lobster, smoked salmon and Digby scallops are usually the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Nova Scotia, but there is much more to be discovered.

Nova Scotia has some fantastic wineries including many award winning wines such as L’Acadie Blanc. Nova Scotia produces the continents only single malt whiskey, Glen Breton Rare from Glenora Inn and Distillery in Cape Breton.

Don’t miss the summer fruits, fish and chips and hearty meals served in small local pubs.

Nova Scotia has acted as the gateway to Canada for hundreds of years. European explorers including John Cabot and Samuel de Champlain arrived in the Americas on Nova Scotia’s shores. English, French, Scottish and Irish immigrants have settled in Nova Scotia since before Canada existed.

Historic sites can be found throughout Nova Scotia including the Citadel in Halifax, the fortress at Louisbourg and the beautiful, colourful UNESCO World Heritage Site in Lunenburg.

Music from Nova Scotia can be heard across Canada but the best place to hear it is Nova Scotia itself. Influenced from all walks of life including Celtic, Acadian and Aboriginal, the music from Nova Scotia covers many different genres: rock, pop, hip hop, celidh, folk and country.

The pubs and clubs in Halifax are an easy way to dip into the music scene. Halifax is also home to many music festivals and big name artists.

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