Wolvespack Cottage


Exterior Building
Wolvespack Cottage, Louisbourg
Guest Room
Follow the sign
Restaurant / Dining
The Grubstake
The Grubstake
The Grubstake - a great place to dine
The Grubstake - That's my cake!
Judy's Lil'l Cafe
Judy's Lil'l cafe
Pool, Spa, Recreation
Go out onto the water
Go for a walk
View the sunrise from your bed
View to the Point
Local Attractions
Kennington Cove
Murder Mystery at the Fortress
The Fortress of Louisbourg
The Lighthouse of Louisbourg
S and L Railway Museum
S and L Railway Museum: Treasures
The Tall Ships are in
The Tall Ships are in: Fun for the kids
The Tall Ships are in: Fun for the kids
The Tall Ships are in: A special guest
The Promenade
The Promenade and Flowers
Seagulls like our Promenade, too.
Louisbourg Playhouse
Marine Museum
One stop before the Lighthouse
One stop before the Lighthouse
Lighthouse Point
Lighthouse Point
Lighthouse Point
The Lighthouse
At the Lighthouse
Starting point of the Lighthouse Trail
View the Fortress from the Royal Battery
Royal Battery
Marine Museum: Interior
Marine Museum: A great place
Station House Restaurant
At the Station House Restaurant
Station House: Mini Golf
Staion House: Go Carts
Surrounding Area
Welcome to Louisbourg
Visitor Information Centre
Visitor Information Centre: Any questions? Here you get the answers!
Fishing Boats
Main Street
Post Office
Get your souvenirs
Two Rivers Wildlife Park
Boardwalk Main-a-Dieu
At the Visitor Centre
Can I help you?
Louisbourg: A nice spot
Peck's Store

Wolvespack Cottage

  • 157 West Shore Road
    Nova Scotia

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