Morningstar Mill

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In 1992 the site was so derelict that it was very unsafe and only a short time from needing to be bulldozed. Mr Gary Konkle approached city council to get permission to form a group of volunteers to be called "The Friends of Morningstar Mill" Once established they began to restore and then operate the mill as the only operating water powered gristmill in the Niagara Peninsula . At the start of the restoration project, much of the machinery and stones were as Morningstar had left them in 1933. The buildings were collapsing or had disappeared altogether in the case of the saw mill.

Over the years there have been hundreds of volunteers who have made the site what it is today. We currently have approximately 18 active members.

We are proud to have such a beautiful old mill and site in our care. We particularly like to demonstrate how the site and all of it's aspects worked for school children, enthusiasts and tourist who come to visit us. On Open House weekends we receive up to 900 visitors from all over the world. Our school tours can run up to 8 per week

The Morningstar Mill Park, Interpretive Center, Museum site is made up of a number of buildings: the gristmill, (more familiarly known as Morningstar Mill) the turbine shed, the millers house, the icehouse, sawmill and the barn which houses the blacksmith shop and carpentry shop. Soon to be reconstructed is a drive shed to house wagons and ancillary equipment.

Opening Hours

May until Thanksgiving Weekend.

Admission and ticket info

Free Admission

Admission Free. Donations are very much appreciated
Bags of Flour $1.00 per pound
Bags of Bran .50 cents per pound
Corn Meal $1.00 per pound
T Shirts $15.00

Directions / getting there

Just past Brock University

Click here for a map of Morningstar Mill

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