La Malbaie, is a resort town located at the end of Quebec’s River Route in the Charlevoix region. The home of Fête de la Saint-Jean and Le Rendezvous de la Montagne is composed of five smaller villages, joined together to make one scenic site for outdoor activities, culture, and more. From the beautiful summer growth at the Cap-Á-L’Aigle Gardens to the Charlevoix Museum, La Malbaie has something to interest every visitor.

Activities in La Malbaie range from skiing at Mont Grand-Fonds in winter and cycling in summer to touring the town’s historic churches and experiencing the area’s heritage through the museum’s permanent exhibit, “Belonging.” Young and old can learn about the region’s biospheres at the Ecological Centre, while monuments to the founders of La Malbaie tell the story of a vibrant and diverse town.

Visitors and residents alike enjoy the many facilities available in La Malbaie. Golfing at one of the town’s courses can fill an afternoon, while the hotels and restaurants offer an experience in comfort and culture. Camping facilities enhance the outdoor experience, and Canada’s largest private garden is open for viewing just outside of town. With so much to do and see, La Malbaie is an unexpected jewel of Quebec’s resort towns.

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