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  • Artillery Park National Historic Site of Canada
    This site, where the French built various defense structures in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, was of great strategic importance to the history of Québec. Towards the middle of the eighteenth century, the area was gradually transformed into a garrison. The British Royal Artillery Regiment established its headquarters there until 1871. A cartridge factory set up in 1879 provided munitions for the Canadian army until it closed down in 1964.
  • Canyon Sainte-Anne
    Astonishing! Spectacular and vertiginous canyon grooved in the rock by the imposing St. Anne Fall. 3 suspension bridges, which one is among the highest in Quebec, at 60 m above the gorge! Discover giant potholes, the cascades of the mini-Canyon, the 1.2 billion year-old rocks full of rainbows and have fun with our Enchanted Stone's games.
  • Chez Marie
    Marie and her fourth generation family welcome you to their old stone homestead built in 1652.
  • Fortifications of Quebec
    This commanding wall, declared a historical moument in 1957, forms 4.6 kilometre-long defensive belt around the old city.
  • La Vallee Secrete
    Fun, educational and interactive adventure in a magical gnome forest. Discover some of nature's best-kept secrets with your family, friends or group. Open year-round. Reservations required. Different trails available according to age.
  • Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral
    The parish of Notre-Dame is the oldest in North America.
  • Quebec/Bor. of Limoilou, Societe du Domaine Maizerets
    Located on one of France's first concessions, Domaine Maizaretes is both a historic site and a vast landscape garden.
  • Villa Bagatelle
    Villa Bagatelle was built in the picturesque English architectural style of the 19th century. the buildin is laid out like a cross and has stunning wooden ornamentation. Many exhibitions on topics including art, history and science are held there.

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