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Sentenced To One Night

Experience life behind bars in the history-rich Old Prison of Trois-Rivières by spending the night in an authentic jail cell.


On your arrival you will be greeted by the warden. You will then be booked, fingerprinted, photographed and issued your prisoner’s T-shirt. A former inmate will guide you and your group to the incarceration wing where you will explore and discover the Old Prison of Trois-Rivières, with its rows of cells and solitary confinements, known infamously as The Hole. Here, between stone walls that once housed the condemned, your guide will recount the penal life of yesterday and today. You will then spend the night with your cellmates under the warden’s supervision, as so many hardened criminals have before you. On the following day, you will clean up the wing and proceed to breakfast; porridge and toast. A meal fit for a prisoner. Before leaving the prison, the warden will hand over your prisoner’s file with a stamp marked RELEASED.

Non-Refundable Bail:


Visit Downtown

Confident of its authenticity and the exuberance it inspires, the downtown area, recipient of the Downtown Achievement Awards, reveals its true personality…

The tiny boutiques, cafés, numerous terraces and lively restaurants and bars continually energize the heart of the city, wich beats in time to popular festivals and celebrations. And the entertainment and artistic life is characterized by an opulence of art galleries, café-galleries,bars frequented by writers, artist’s workshops, and stages presenting shows of all kinds.

Fear Tours

At night, it's as dark as a wolf's mouth...which makes it just time to discover the grittier aspects of Trois-Rivières' history on foot. So get up your courage and give us 90 minutes of your life: you won't believe your eyes! A creation of Les Barbares Obliques, proud impersonaters of Benjamin Sulte, Louis Fréchette, Tom Caribou and many others.
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Showtime! The Musical Review

An exceptional journey through your craziest musical memories! A sampler of the most exciting repertoires of the 20th century on a vibrating stage where the Beatles'folly, the King's extravagance, Alys Roby's grace, and Madonna's rebellion mix with all the other great voices of the las century. Showtime, a tribute to the world through the world of music. THE musical performance that has music-lovers swinging in their seats, no matter what their age. You'll be snapping your fingers and tapping your feet during this unforgettable experience!
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Trois-Rivières Grand Prix

Trois-Rivières Grand Prix series (Grand Am, Star Mazda series, Nascar Candian Tire, SCCA MX-S Cup, Coupe Toyota Pirelli, Formula tour 1600 and Touring) are back. This unique cars race is organized racing on city streets. The GP3R remains the only Grand Prix allowing free access to the Paddock area. Race Fans can step right up and view race car preparation while mingling with Drivers and Engineers.
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