Internet and email in Canada

There are Internet cafes in most tourist towns, cities and some hotels. Many hostels also offer this service. Public libraries and some universities offer this service to the general public. The cost for Internet access is usually quite cheap and Internet cafes are usually open quite late.

If you are taking a laptop computer you might find it cheaper to sign up to an Internet access provider in Canada rather than paying international call rates to connect to your provider in your home country.

Internet access is charged on a monthly subscription basis and is usually between $10 and $20. Make sure you have unlimited hours or you stay with in your allotted hour schedule or you might receive a pretty steep bill at the end of the month.

Internet access providers do not operate in the same way as in Europe. Each area code has a different telephone number to call and most providers operate in a regional area. If you want to travel, make sure the provider you use covers all of the areas you travel in.

The most popular providers for modem dial up are Sympatico and AOL. Both cover most of the country but you will have to change your dial up settings at each location.

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