Canada Post and postal services

Canada Post, a government agency, operates mail services and unfortunately this is neither cheap nor fast.

Post offices provide a poste-resante mail service. You can receive mail at the post office at no cost to the receiver by sending mail to the receiver's name followed by "General Delivery" and the post office address. Mail will be held for 2 weeks and then sent back. Receivers must show photo ID to pick up mail.

There are many different options for sending mail within Canada, to the USA and overseas but they vary in price. It is worth finding out all your options especially when sending anything larger than a letter.

Each city has a main post office and usually others located in places such as pharmacies and shopping malls. Stamps can be purchased from just about any retail outlet of any kind.

There is no first or second class mail. Mail delivery times are organised regionally by each post office. Check at the nearest post office for delivery dates.
Canada Post Prices

An example of basic mail prices:
Letter or postcard sent within Canada up to 30g costs 51 cents
Letter or postcard sent to the USA up to 30g costs 89 cents
Letter or postcard sent internationally up to 20g costs 1.49 cents

Letter sizes can also affect the price of postage.

(Prices correct as of 1 April 2007)

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