52 weeks a year of events

Thousands of special events are scheduled throughout the year across Canada. Some of the largest and more popular events in Canada are listed here. Go to the bottom of the page if you want to find out about other events and for accurate event dates, locations and prices.

New Year Day Polar Bear Swim

The Vancouver Polar Bear Swim Club is one of the largest and oldest Polar Bear Clubs in the world. The swim takes place at 2:30 pm on the first day of each new year where over 1,500 people (many in costume) run down the beach at English Bay and make the plunge into the water.
For photos of the New Year Day Polar Bear Swim, click here
English Bay Beach, Vancouver, British Columbia 

Quebec Winter Carnival

Carnaval de Québec in Quebec City is the world’s biggest winter celebration, and the third largest carnival. Held annually from the end of January for 2 and a half weeks, the carnival attracts people from all over the world to experience snow baths, night parades, slide runs, ice fishing, concerts, snow sculptures, horse-drawn sleigh rides, husky powered dogsled rides, Ice Tower and skating. Make your visit even more interesting by staying at the famous Ice Hotel!
Quebec City, Quebec 

Calgary Stampede and Rodeo

A western Canadian heritage event which features bareback horse riding, bull riding, steer wrestling, Chuckwagon races, and many other impressive entertainment acts. The Calgary Stampede lasts for about 9 days during in the middle of July.
Calgary, Alberta 

Toronto Pride Parade

An international festival is held annually in Toronto as part of Pride Week. The Toronto Pride Parade attracts more than a million visitors to the city making it one of the largest in the world. Pride Week is usually held at the end of June.
Toronto, Ontario 

Canada Day

Celebrated across Canada, Canada Day is held on the 1st of July. Different cities and communities have varying types of events but this is a public holiday where everyone comes out to play.

Sports and sporting events

Canada’s official sport is the Native Indian game of lacrosse. This is not however the most popular game in Canada, which is the unofficial national sport, ice hockey.

Everywhere you go in Canada you will find hockey supporters especially in and around the cities where the National Hockey League (NHL) teams are based. The Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Mapleleafs are two of the biggest teams in Canada. The NHL is made up of premier league hockey teams from both the US and Canada but there are many other Canadian leagues which play regularly.

American style football called Canadian Football League (CFL) is played across Canada with teams from most of the major cities.

Baseball is also played by mainly two teams – the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League and the Montreal Expos in the National League. Other smaller leagues play across Canada and can be seen throughout the summer months.

Basketball teams in Canada are increasing in strength and some play in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Football (soccer) and rugby are becoming more popular especially after the 2002 World Cup.

Ice Skating is another passion for Canada with many controversies occurring at official and international events, Canada is proud of its skating athletes.

Canadian’s across the country curl and has done very well in international curling competitions recently. The number of people who curl actually out numbers the amount who play ice hockey. Leagues and teams can be found all over Canada.

Golf, skiing and many other sports are enjoyed by Canadians regularly.