A blend of global flavours

Canada does not have a particular dish that is typically Canadian. Like most of the Canadian culture the food is ethnic. Due to this the selection of places to eat is plentiful and the quality of food is high.

You should not have any problem in finding something to suit your taste buds and you can often find a place to eat no matter how late it may be.

In the Atlantic Provinces seafood is the most popular and unlike the rest of Canada where large multinational chain restaurants are plentiful, most of the places to eat are privately owned or are operated by small, local chains.

Breakfasts can be found in diners with a good selection and large serving starting at $1 up to about $8. Lunch usually costs around about $10 and dinner about $15.

Most provinces restrict the sale of alcohol to government-operated outlets which keep normal business hours.

Ethnic and world food in Canada

With a population of people from all over the world, the flavours from every continent can be found everywhere in Canada. Most of Canada’s large cities have a Chinatown and some, such as Toronto, have large communities of individuals from countries such as Italy where many excellent regional restaurants can be found.

Restaurants serving regional menus from Thailand, Australia, China, Japan, Italy, France, India and Ukraine are extremely popular. Most places are very reasonably priced and serve extremely good quality food.

Fast food restaurants and drive-throughs are a common sight in Canada. Many international brand restaurants can be found in Canada along with Canadian own equivalents.

French Canadian food

Quebec has the best selection of French food, mostly with a Canadian slant on it giving it a different appearance and taste to the same dish when found in Europe. Quebec is also the world’s largest producer of maple syrup and can be found all over Canada.

The Atlantic Provinces serve some of the more traditional French foods still continued from the colonial days. Most other French food such as the poutine can be found across Canada.

Food from Canada’ First Nations

Native Aboriginal food is usually based on deer (venison), buffalo and pheasant. These are all very healthy meats and worth trying when the opportunity arises.

Buffalo meat appears on a few menus across the country, especially in the prairie provinces and is recommended as a lean and tasty alternative to beef.

Rice dishes based on wild rice with black husks are often served alongside a traditional native meal. The rice is grown and hand-picked in Ontario and Manitoba.

Beer, wine and spirits

Beer in Canada is something the Canadians are proud of. The stronger flavour and alcohol content are always served cold. Beer is served in most eateries but each province has a different licensing system for alcohol retail.

Canadian wines are produced in areas of southern Quebec and southern Ontario and are of very good quality. British Columbia is world famous for its wine production in the Okanagan Valley. The fruity flavours and popular amongst Canadians and a bottle of Canadian wine can be picked up for quite cheap.

Spirits available in Canada are much the same to the rest of the western world with the same brands and a few Canadian own brands.