Water purification in Canada

Drinking the water from the tap is safe all over Canada. Water quality is only a worry when outdoors and relying on natural sources such as rivers and springs.

Park rangers offer advice on where to collect water in most national and provincial parks. Water treatment equipment can be found in many outdoor stores and from some Parks Canada Centres. It is recommended that all water is treated when collected outdoors.

If you don't have any treating equipment, boiling the water thoroughly for at least 3 minutes is usually all that it takes to eliminate any potential problems. When boiling water at a higher altitude, remember boiling occurs at a lower temperature and killing parasites and bacteria may not be as effective.

Filtration does not remove all problems from the water. If you are unable to boil the water after filtering then you should use chemical treatments. Use chemical treatments very carefully and always use the exact amount indicated in the instructions, too little or too much can be dangerous.

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