Immigrate to Canada

Canadian immigration options are very comprehensive. Immigration is also a lengthy process and can be expensive. Applying for permanent resident status in Canada is often done by using a law firm. This is a recommended course of action to ensure the application is carried out as quickly possible and without any mistakes.

The categories available to immigrate to Canada are:

Skilled Worker Class Immigration

This is a point based system and is designed to allow people who are professionals to come to Canada and bring their working skills to the Canadian marketplace.

Business Class Immigration

People who have experience running a business or in investing into businesses can immigrate to Canada as a business immigrant.

Provincial Nomination

Most of the Canadian provinces have a Provincial Nomination Program which allows them to benefit from certain immigrants coming to Canada and settling in their province.

Family Class Immigration

Certain family members can sponsor other family members so they can immigrate to Canada.

International Adoption

You can adopt a child from abroad. This can be a long process.

Quebec-Selected Immigration

The province of Quebec has an immigration program which allows it to select immigrants who wish to live in Quebec.

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