Study in Canada

Every year many students choose universities and colleges in Canada as a place to study. Many come to Canada to learn English as a Second Language or French. Foreign students help bring different perspectives and cultural approaches to learning and subjects.

Each province in Canada regulates education and schools. The best way to find out about studying in Canada is through the school directly.

Getting a Study Permit for Canada

Almost all foreign students need a Study Permit to attend a school in Canada.

If the course is less than six months and can be completed during the period of your stay in Canada, you do not need a Study Permit.

Study Permit are also not required for minors if their parents are not visitors in Canada or the student is a member of the family of a foreign representative located in Canada.

Study Permits must be obtained before arriving in Canada. If you are already in Canada you must leave to apply for a permit to study.

You must have a letter of acceptance from the educational institution before applying for a Study Permit.

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