Visit Canada

Everyone who comes to Canada must be healthy, respect Canadian laws, have valid passport or other travel documents. Visitors from the USA may enter Canada with a birth certificate and photo ID. Some visitors may require a visitor visa even for short visits or if changing planes in a Canadian airport. Some other visitors may require a letter of invitation.

It is recommended you have medical insurance for the entire duration of your stay. Canada does not pay for any medical services or hospital stays for visitors and small medical emergencies can run into the thousands of dollars. You should obtain medical insurance before you leave for Canada.

If you have been convicted of a crime, including a conviction for driving while impaired, you are not permitted to enter Canada. You may be able to seek a pardon from your government to resolve this.

When you arrive in Canada

At the airport, border crossing or port you will be questioned by a customs officer as part of routine entry requirements.

You will be asked a few short questions and must provide proof you meet the entry requirements Canada has set for your country.

You must produce your passport and other travel documents so ensure you have them to hand and not in your luggage. You passport will be stamped at this point.

If you wish to change the conditions of your visit you must do this before your current status expires. If you wish to extend your stay in Canada, you should do this at least 3 weeks before your visa expires. However, if you do not receive confirmation that your request has been accepted or denied before your current status expires you are granted what is known as "deemed status". You can stay legally in Canada until your extension request has been processed and you have received an answer.

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