Costs of living and travel

The cost of living in Canada is significantly lower to that of Europe and slightly less than the USA.

The cost of accommodation, which is also generally lower, will most likely be the biggest cost. Cities, especially Toronto and Vancouver, have a higher cost for accommodation which rises dramatically during the summer months. Other places which attract tourists have larger selections of midrange accommodation at reasonable rates.

Food is much cheaper than that of Europe and the cost for eating out is also quite low. Finding a good meal in a restaurant for 2 for under $20 is not hard.

Prices for gasoline (petrol) vary depending on service station, province and location.

Transportation can sometimes seem quite expensive but this is due to the distances required to travel. Buses are the cheapest usually. Train travel can work out better value but you have to be sure you have the right ticket or rail pass. Air travel is the quickest way to travel, often cutting days of travel time. There are a few discount airlines now but Air Canada still operates most routes.

Tipping is normally given to waiting staff, taxi drives, bellhops and other people in the service industry. A tip of 10 to 15% of the bill is standard. Sometimes a tip may be added on automatically. Check your bill to see if this is the case and you don't need to leave a tip in this case.

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