Travel to Canada

Canada is very well connected to the rest of the world. Flights from many cities around the world are quite frequent and usually quite cheap. Canada is also accessible by land using car, bus or train. Some ferry services on the coasts from the USA operate routes into Canada and cruise ships and freighters also carry passengers which stop at selected Canadian ports.

Flights & air travel to Canada

Major airports in Canada include Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. However, connecting flights and some times direct flights can be obtained to many other Canadian cities. Most flights to other cities require a connection in Toronto or Vancouver, or you can fly via the USA.

Air Canada

Canada’s national carrier, Air Canada, flys from many international destinations to airports throughout Canada. They have the widest coverage of routes within Canada.

WestJet Airlines

WestJet is a Canadian airline which operates routes throughout North America and into select European destinations. WestJet offer some of the lowest rates to Canada and within Canada.

Other Airlines

Many other airlines fly t Canada especially US airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, Qantas and many Asian airlines.

Boats, ships and ferries

Ferries provide links from the USA to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on the Atlantic coast and to Victoria and Vancouver on the Pacific coast. Ferries operate regularly and offer an often quicker way of crossing the border, especially from Nova Scotia.

Two ferry routes link Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Portland and Bar Harbor in Maine, USA. A ferry from Deer Island, New Brunswick runs to Eastport, Maine, USA.

Cruise ships stop at Victoria and Vancouver in British Columbia. Other cruise lines travel up the St Lawrence River into Quebec City and Montreal. Other destinations along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts are opening up to cruise ships. Travel agents usually provide the most up to date information on cruise lines, routes and prices.

Freighter ships sometimes carry passengers, some of which stop in Canada. Normally 6 to 12 passengers are accommodated. This choice of travel can often be more expensive than any alternative.

Arriving by land

Bus, train and car access are all available for entry into Canada.

The Greyhound bus service provides service across the border from the USA into Canada with many routes operating regularly to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Trains from New York connect Montreal in just over 10 hours going through Niagara Falls. Chicago trains go to Toronto and on the west of Canada, Vancouver is connected by trains from Seattle in just 4 hours.

There are many places to drive across the border from the USA into Canada. Highways from the USA connect with Canadian highways and eventually to the Trans Canada Highway.

During holidays and warm weekends the border crossings can be very busy. Less popular crossing points are usually quiet all year around but this can lead to over cautious border security.