Be ready for the road ahead

When travelling to Canada there is nothing special that is required. The usual travel necessities such as alarm clock, allergy medicine, contact lenses, extra glasses etc. are recommended.

Sunglasses with UV protection are required just about all year round. The bright sun during the summer months can be very bright and damaging to unprotected eyes. A hat for the same reason can also be a good idea. Winter months also have many blue skies with bright sun reflecting off the snow and ice, which can prove to be sore on the eyes if not protected.

When travelling not in the summer, warm clothes are essential. A thick and thin layer combination with something windproof is the best idea. Don’t underestimate just how cold it can get or how much the weather can change from day to day. Even in the south a temperature change of 30 degrees Celcius or more is not unheard of. Gloves, scarf and hat should be worn during the winter to protect against frostbite and hypothermia.

Other items such as good walking boots and socks are worth bringing for any travellers with an interest in walking especially if you are carrying a backpack. Sometimes it can be quite a walk from, say, the bus terminal to a youth hostel. Walking in the snow on roads that have not been swept can be extremely hard going and even in busy city downtown areas it can be the late afternoon before streets are cleared.

When travelling to Quebec a French Phrase book might be useful to those who don’t speak French well. It can be common for people in Quebec to not speak any or very little English.