So many choices for a place to sleep

Finding a place to stay for the night in Canada is usually quite easy. When visiting tourist places during peak season or during a special event, it can be next to impossible to find a place to stay no matter how many hotels and motels there may be. Reservations, where possible, are recommended.

Lists of recommended accommodation can be obtained from local tourist offices. Popping in for a quick visit can save a lot of time, effort and gives you a better chance at finding a nice place for a good price.

B&Bs, Guesthouses and Tourist Homes

This kind of accommodation is not as common as in Europe but is increasing in numbers and popularity. You usually get what you pay for when it comes to Bed and Breakfasts in Canada and the more expensive places usually have nice furnishings, private bathroom and cable television.

When you book a place to stay, ask as much about the property as you can. It is worth finding out if they charge tax because many places don’t. Finding out what the breakfast can tell you whether it is worth the extra few dollars or not. If you are travelling by yourself or thinking of staying more than one night you can usually negotiate a better rate.

Prices range between $20-$200 depending on facilities and quality. It is usually easy enough to find good accommodation for around $75-100.


Most hotels in Canada fit into two categories: expensive, luxury hotels and cheap, low quality hotels. There is very little in between.

Fortunately there are some good quality budget hotels but finding them and making sure they have enough room can be tricky. If you find a place that looks good a cheap, have a look at the room before you book and find out if the room is next to a noisy street or above a bar. Even during the week some bars can be loud and rowdy into the early hours.

Nearly all new hotels belong to international chains or franchises and are aimed at business travellers and people who are not travelling on a budget.

Prices for hotels are nearly always by the room for up to 2 people sharing and have good amenities. Some you may need to share a bathroom and it is worth finding out before hand. You should expect to pay between $100 and $200 a night with prices increasing during busy times especially in Toronto.


Accommodation in motels is simple, clean and comes with a good range of amenities. Depending on how close to a city the motel is and how many motels are nearby reflects on the price. The further out you are the cheaper they get. It is worth finding out about local transport because sometimes getting into a city can be very difficult and may require costly taxi rides. Other cities may have excellent public transport and this can save you a lot of money by staying on the edge of the city.

Motel in Prince Edward Island Prices increase during the summer months and when special events are being held. Rooms also fill up during these periods so make sure you reserve a room in advance if this is likely to happen.

Prices range from about $75 to $150 and are per room not per person.


Traveller hostels in Canada are excellent and numerous.

Hostelling International have a wide range of locations and bed options at great rates. Space can be a problem in hostels during busy periods, so check on availability before setting off. Even if they are empty in the morning they may be full by the afternoon.

Hostels usually cost between $20 and $50 depending on location and what type of accommodation you want.

Farm vacations

Working farm holidays are offered by farms and ranches all over Canada. Visitors can stay for a day, a week or sometimes longer.

Visitors are expected to work on the farm and the chores range with the type of farm and time of year.

Meals are provided and accommodation quality varies with the price. Most provincial tourism departments can supply detailed information and prices on farm vacations in Canada.


Campgrounds can be found all over Canada operated by the federal government, provincial government, national parks and privately owned.

The government sites are usually always better quality and cheaper but fill up quickly.

Camping fees usually range between $5 and $40 depending on facilities and services. National Parks normally have a park entry fee.

Campgrounds are not open all year around so it is worth checking on opening dates before planning you destinations.

Along the Trans Canada Highway there are camping spots usually every 100-200km. Make sure that there are no signs banning camping because the police do enforce this.

University accommodation

During the summer months most universities and colleges open the doors of the residence dormitories to the general public. Rooms are clean and basic but some can be quite lavish. Students can get better prices but normally single rooms cost in the region of $15 to $50 a night. A free breakfast is sometimes offered.