Hotels in Canada

Most hotels in Canada fit into two categories: expensive, luxury hotels and cheap, low quality hotels. There is very little in between.

A good selection of hotels at great rates across Canada can be found in the Trail Canada Hotel section.

Fortunately there are some good quality budget hotels but finding them and making sure they have enough room can be tricky. If you find a place that looks good a cheap, have a look at the room before you book and find out if the room is next to a noisy street or above a bar. Even during the week some bars can be loud and rowdy into the early hours.

Nearly all new hotels belong to international chains or franchises and are aimed at business travellers and people who are not travelling on a budget.

Prices for hotels are nearly always by the room for up to 2 people sharing and have good amenities. Some you may need to share a bathroom and it is worth finding out before hand. You should expect to pay between $50 and $90 a night with prices increasing during busy times especially in Toronto.

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