Travel advice for women

Women travelling alone in Canada can do so safely. It is advised to try and arrive at your destination before dark. Taking taxis at night is also recommended as an alternative to walking.

Hitchhiking is not a good idea and if you are driving make sure your vehicle is in good shape and you have enough fuel.

Hotels, motels and B&Bs are usually a safe choice for a place to stay. Hostels often provide a variety of types of accommodation, such as single or shared rooms. Some hostels, such as YWCA offer women only accommodation.

Bars and nightclubs are similar to those in the USA and Europe. Single women will most likely receive the a lot of attention.

The mobile / cellphone network in Canada is good but can be very patchy, even in cities. Make sure you have enough battery life and roaming enabled if you are travelling long distances.

Avoid using perfumes or scented cosmetics when hiking or exploring the outdoors. You might attract the wrong kind of attention – bears!